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Social Networking
    Social Networks are a low cost, effective way to get your app out there. We will set up your accounts, brand them, and populate them with video, images, and promotional copy. After we have done this, we hand the login details over so you've got control. We'll cover YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to Promote Apps on iTunes
    Today, there are more than 200,000 apps found on the App Store, and each day, the App store and iTunes are becoming to generate thousands of revenues on a daily basis. When you check out the iTunes App store, you'll find there is a "Top 20" best apps in iTunes. For sure, you'll easily get to notice these apps, but, what about the rest of the apps? Although it may sound impossible, promotion and properly doing this will help your app get noticed easily through the app store. When you're trying to promote apps on iTunes, you're not just trying to grab the attention of iPhone users but you may also want to target and direct your concerns to developers and sponsors at the same time. It is also possible to easily promote your app by blogging. Through your blog, you can always blog about your app – without making it sound like a "sales" blog. You should approach consumers trying to let them know the perspectives and the real points that they'll encounter by downloading your app on iTunes. Of course, you should also target blogs. Reaching your target audience is one of the most effective ways on how you can promote your apps on iTunes.

How to Promote Apps on App Store
    The app store has more than a thousand apps – and every day, more are being added. Upon releasing your app, it may be visible in the app store. It can be featured in the "What's New" section of the store which allows Apple users to find the latest apps developed and available through the store. If you are lucky, it may sit there in the New Releases category for a couple of days – or it may be seen on the third to fourth page on your first day. However, you can't just count on the visibility that you'll be getting from the App Store. You need to promote it somewhere else – blogs, social networking websites, advertisements and even forums and / or community discussion boards. These are examples of some places where you can promote your apps on app store. Just try to make sure that you'll give everybody a brief idea on what your app is all about. Tell them the features of your app, what makes it different from apps coming from the same category, and why should they spend money on it (if your app is a paid one) and convince them why they should KEEP the app on their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and other Apple devices.

App Testing
    With numerous handsets and smart devices in house we will provide you with a bespoke report of your apps functionality against each manufacture and model. This is a great, independent way to ensure that the work undertaken by your app developer or IT department is up to specification. Using our app testing service also enables you to iron out any bugs. Pricing is dependent on your exact testing requirements and the complexity of your app, as a guide, testing across all of the top selling handsets starts from around £500 for a comprehensive report. Call one of our team to discuss your needs and to get a price and your app tested now!
Technical Support
    Having a dedicated customer phone number for your app is a great way of standing out from the crowd and of generating positive feedback ratings. Set up is simple. We will provide you with a dedicated number to embed into your app. The phone number goes through to a US based call centre where one of our dedicated advisors will be able to assist with any technical related queries. Our call centre has been providing technical support in the mobile industry since 2003 for many household brands so you can be assured that your customers will be speaking to experts. Prices start from as little as £150 per month – so call today and make sure your app stands out from the crowd!

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